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Cyber Security Researchers and Youth Association 

R&D Activities

Step into the Future of Security!

Cyber Security Researchers and Youth Association, as a non-governmental organization operating in the Western Black Sea Region, keeps pace with technological and social developments and considers R&D activities as a priority issue. Our association carries out various R&D projects in order to develop its activities in the fields of Cyber Security, Information Technologies and Youth Studies, to realize innovative projects and to benefit the society. 


With its R&D activities, our association not only contributes to technological innovations, but also aims to raise the level of awareness of the society about youth and science. Through these efforts, we focus on raising safe and conscious individuals of the future.


With in-depth research and Malware Analysis studies in the field of Cyber Security, we develop solutions for the detection and analysis of malware. In this context, we carry out R&D projects to take effective measures against cyber threats and increase cyber security.

Blockchain Workspaces

Our Blockchain team carries out R&D projects focused on secure and immutable recording technology. These projects aim to create new security standards in the digital world, focusing on data security and integrity.

Web Security and Software

Together with our Web Security team, we carry out R&D activities on secure code development. With these projects, we further strengthen our efforts to detect and close security vulnerabilities in websites.

Digital Literacy and Social Media Safety

We conduct R&D studies for young people and adults to protect against cyberbullying and the disadvantages of the virtual world. We develop innovative projects to raise awareness on the proper use of the internet and social media.

Environmental and Social Responsibility Projects

Derneğimiz, bilimsel, kültürel, sosyal ve çevresel alanlarda AR-GE faaliyetleri yürüterek, sürdürülebilir kalkınma, gençlik sağlığı, kültürler arası iletişim, çevre bilinci ve istihdam konularında projeler geliştirmeyi hedeflemektedir.

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