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Cyber Security Researchers and Youth Association
Training Programs

Step into the Future of Security!

Cyber Security Researchers and Youth Association is a non-governmental organization rooted in the Western Black Sea Region, Zonguldak Province. Our association stands out as an association operating in the field of cyber security, information technologies and youth studies, aiming to enable young people to take a safe step into the digital world in line with its mission.


Meet the Experts in Education:

The training programs we provide for young people are carried out by trainers who closely follow the latest developments in the sector and specialize in this field. In this way, our participants are equipped with up-to-date information and have a knowledge and skill set that can meet the demands in the sector.

Algorithm Development and Software Training

In this training for high school students, we help them master algorithm development processes and the popular programming languages C, Python and GO.

Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering

This course provides participants with a comprehensive perspective on understanding malware and developing countermeasures.

White Hat Hacker Trainings

In this training designed specifically for young people, we provide basic skills to become a white hat hacker in the field of cyber security. A perfect starting point for young people who want to step into Cyber Security Expertise!

Digital Literacy Trainings

We organize digital literacy trainings to help them take the right steps in the complex world of the internet and social media. Learn how to act safely and consciously in the digital world with these trainings for both young people and adults.

Web Security and Secure Code Development

In this course, organized in collaboration with our web security team, participants will become experts in identifying vulnerabilities in web applications and developing secure code.

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