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Creative Play Trainings and Technological Innovations for Young People!

As Cyber Security Researchers and Youth Association, we organize various game trainings and development projects in order to develop the talents of our youth, to get them interested in technology and to train them as the leaders of the future.

Game Trainings

We organize interactive game trainings to introduce young people to the world of game development and unlock their potential. In these trainings, our young people gain knowledge and experience in many subjects from game design to programming, from graphic design to storytelling.

Technological Innovation

Our association enriches the experiences of our youth by integrating wearable technologies and VR technology into game development processes. Wearable technologies used in our games also enable our youth to create solutions for real-world problems.

VR Supported Projects

We are especially evaluating the impressive potential of virtual reality (VR) technology in education. Our young people use VR technology in their game development projects to create their own worlds and take their gaming experience to a new dimension.

Community Engagement and Collaboration with Stakeholders

Our association leads various events to bring the achievements of our youth in the field of game development to a wider audience and bring communities together. At the same time, we support our youth to gain a more professional perspective by establishing collaborations with experts and technology companies in the industry.

A Source of Inspiration

As Cyber Security Researchers and Youth Association, we bring our youth together with technology and work to raise them as the technology leaders of the future. The game trainings and technological projects in our association not only provide our youth with game development skills, but also inspire them to shape their future.

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