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Digital Technologies Projects, Entrepreneurship Trainings and Innovative Project Developments!

Digital Technologies Projects:


Our association develops various projects for young people to take an active role in the digital world. These projects include innovation and application projects in digital technology areas such as artificial intelligence, software development, IoT (Internet of Things), and blockchain. In these projects, our young people have the opportunity to develop their own ideas and improve their skills to work solution-oriented with technology.


Entrepreneurship Trainings:


The entrepreneurship trainings we organize to promote entrepreneurship and prepare our young people for the business world focus on developing their skills in starting and managing their own businesses. These trainings provide practical information on turning business ideas into reality, creating business plans and identifying business strategies.

Innovative Project Developments:

Our association carries out various activities to support young people to develop and implement innovative projects. In this context, we pioneer and support young people to develop projects that will benefit their communities, their environment or a wider audience.

As Cyber Security Researchers and Youth Association, we bring our youth together with the power of digital technologies, support their entrepreneurial spirit and work to raise the leaders of the future with innovative projects. These activities in our association aim to enable our young people to interact in the digital world, gain an entrepreneurial perspective and produce innovative solutions.

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